Overdraft Protection Program Options

It's a good idea to have a plan in place for those times when your balance runs low. To help you avoid declined transactions and overdraft fees, we offer two overdraft programs. Explore our options below.

Gold Line

This is a line of credit that can advance funds to your checking account in increments of $50. The amount of coverage you receive depends on your credit limit, and is subject to approval.

To learn more about Gold Line and to see if it's right for you, visit a branch.

Gold Line

Savings Overdraft Protection

This program links your savings or money market account with your checking account to cover overdrafts if and when they occur. Money is transferred in increments of $50, and, as long as you have not exceeded the maximum number of transfers allowed, and if your savings or money market account balance can cover the payment and any transfer fees, it will be paid.

To learn more about Savings Overdraft Protection and to apply, visit a branch near you.

Savings Overdraft Protection

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Link Your Accounts

You can link your savings account to your checking account to help cover funds in case of overdraft.

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